This is a series of four Dutch group courses that help you to reach the level of Dutch at which you can proactively deal with everyday situations in your free time and in your study or work environment. The courses start at level ‘0’ and help you to reach the level of an independent user of Dutch (level ‘B1’ of the Common European Framework of Reference).

The Functional Fundaments Dutch Courses are group courses, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants. Individual, duo and incompany courses are available on request.

From level ‘0’ up to level ‘B1’ we offer the following courses:

    • Functional Fundaments 1 (from level 0 to A1);
    • Functional Fundaments 2 (from level A1 to A2);
    • Functional Fundaments 3 (from level A2 to B1);
    • Functional Fundaments 4 (consolidation of level B1).

All of our courses last eight weeks. Before taking either of these courses, we strongly recommend you to do one of the FREE Dutch Mini Courses first.

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    Being an international student here in the Netherlands for 3 years makes you don’t really want to speak Dutch at all. At least in Rotterdam everyone can speak good English. So I always open my conversation with the sentence “sorry I don’t speak Dutch”. The most important lesson I get after this course (Functional Fundaments 3 (level A2 – B1) is confidence. After this course I can at least understand the general idea of my Dutch friend’s conversation and surprise them from time to time.

    Ming LeiInternational Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam
    I got back in touch with Enigma for my second level Dutch course almost a year later after the first course. It was so comfortable to learn from her again. The usual helpfulness, patience and (this time) more emphasis on correcting my grammar, word structure and sentence order really helped me get a much better grasp of the language. We had individual sessions and face-to-face sessions with one more participant. There were lot of real life recreated events in our Dutch practice which not only made me learn the language but also made me more confident in living every day life in Netherlands.
    I can clearly see that I have learnt a lot from this 2 month course and I absolutely satisfied with the course.
    Vibhor SahayRegulatory Compliance Engineer at SBM Offshore

    Hello future students of Enigma. My name is Marta and I am a Spanish architect working as a freelance in the Netherlands. I know what you are thinking: Dutch is difficult to learn and you dont have time. Well, stop thinking that! CoBuild is the best solution. Enigma´s program is flexible and individualized depending on your needs, perfect for a person who doesn´t have a fixed schedule like me. After knowing the basics, you will start talking and discussing different topics every time you meet Enigma, something very useful for your social and professional life. In addition, she will give you tips and material to improve your pronunciation, reading and writing when you are not taking her classes. Enigma is an outstanding teacher that will make your lessons, after 8 hours working in an office, pleasant and simple.

    Marta SuanzesAssociate Architect at Except Integrated Sustainability

    Enigma is an excellent teacher, capable of teaching the language in efficient manner. She has the knack to make her students learn while keeping her sessions enjoyable and exciting. I was not sure until I met Enigma that I could learn the basis of a difficult language like Dutch. But she has made it happen. I would like to recommend everyone who is willing to learn Dutch should contact her.

    The course material and methodology followed for the course is well designed towards learning Dutch.

    The methodology just works great. When it came to an activity based learning it was so much fun but we can never forget whatever we have learned from all these sessions.

    Enigma carried out all the conversations & instructions in Dutch so we would practice our listening skills even without knowing the language then. But, whenever we didn’t understand something Enigma would then explain it in English to ensure that we knew what she meant. I am glad that I took this course & appreciate what it has provided me. I miss learning Dutch with Enigma as “DOCENT” but look forward for the next level in the coming year.

    I wish her all the best for her future endeavours!!!

    All the best Enigma.

    Leena HaldankarSenior Manager Technical at Global Offshore Services B.V.

    As soon as you start learning Dutch with Enigma you can feel her passion for teaching and also the years of experience. Learning a new language is a very difficult process, but she makes it easy and interesting, teaching not only the language, but also the culture, which makes it more enjoyable and also helps you to integrate in Dutch society. It is great to see how fast you improve your Dutch skills thanks to her program, exercises, suggestions,… almost without noticing! It’s great! So, if you are thinking to start learning Dutch, contact her without a doubt!

    Diego LopezCharacter Setup and Graphic Designer

    Enigma was my teacher to learn the Dutch language, the classes were fun and easy. She’s a wonderful teacher and her classes are very productive.

    Inês SilvaTechnical Operator at Hardlevel

    I was skeptical after living in the Netherlands for one and a half years whether I could learn Dutch at all. Even trying to repeat the simple ‘please’ was the most difficult of tongue twisters. It took me a long while to be able to say ‘astubleift’….! When I was looking for a course it was my son, having learned Dutch at Erasmus University, who recommended CoBuild. When I first spoke to Enigma on the phone I recognized confidence and mastery to a large extent and decided to sign on. After 8 weeks of the fundamental Dutch course I am impressed with how much I’ve been able to progress. The course materials are excellent and if you use the CD rom, you can learn much faster and easier. Your listening skills, vocabulary and articulation are easily honed in. Added to that, in class you learn the grammar and the numerous exceptions (contained in any language) are made explicit by the lecturer. She also makes lessons interesting with ‘to do ‘tasks in Dutch. I do not hesitate to recommend CoBuild for learning ‘Nederlands’. Be serious, follow the steps and do your homework. You’ll get there.

    Thanam SelvanandamClinical Hypnotherapist

    Enigma is a wonderful teacher, her classes are productive and enjoyable at the same time, something highly valuable if you have to go to language classes after a long day in the office. She has a very professional approach and tries to go beyond the traditional “learn through the book”, for instance, you can expect to receive extra materials in almost every class. She also makes an excellent use of IT tools to improve the learning process. To sum up, I am very happy with the Dutch courses taught by Enigma. I have already taken two courses with her and I plan to continue until I obtain my B2 certificate.

    Juan Manuel Sánchez PueyoParalegal at NautaDutilh

    Enigma is a brilliant teacher, capable of catching the attention of her students. It is easy to improve under her supervision. She has the talent to make her students improve while keeping her lessons enjoyable and thrilling. Thanks to her suggestions, I could learn the basis of a difficult language like Dutch. Anyone willing to learn Dutch should, in my opinion, think about contacting her!

    Marco ScintuLawyer

    I highly recommend you the the Functional Fundaments 1 Dutch Course of Co-Build. I believe it is the fastest and the most effective way to learn Dutch. The course will be done in a small group, you will have an awesome teacher who is not only helpful but also kind. I really enjoyed the course.

    Cindy ZhengInternational Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Hello, I’m Yifei Fan and I come from China. As I just finished the Functional Fundaments 2 Dutch Course and successfully reached the Dutch A2 level, I’d like to share some of my experiences and feelings about this course.

    First of all, this is really a course that engages you. Instead of sitting at the back of a classroom, listening to the teacher while your mind floats to elsewhere, this course draws 100% concentration and participation out of you. The teacher pays attention to every student with no one left behind. Your grammar, pronunciation and your ability to form a sentence are corrected and reinforced by the teacher while you talk. Most importantly, the courage to literally use the language is stimulated. This is the part I enjoyed the most from the course.

    Furthermore, there is the task-based method. Other than learning from the book, me and my fellow students learnt from life. From dealing with bills from our energy company to asking questions to RDW – a public service provider in the mobility chain – regarding our foreign driving license’s legitimacy in the Netherlands, this method for us improved our ability to actually live in the country.

    Also, through all the interesting stories during the classes, we began to really know the country and have a better understanding on how to use the language, instead of just learning it.

    Above all, I would recommend this course to whomever wants to learn more about the Netherlands, the language and better living in the country.

    Yifei FanInternational Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam

    I have attended the Functional Fundaments 2 Dutch Course for two months. I remembered after my first Dutch Course I could barely speak any Dutch, let alone compose a single sentence. You could image how concerned I was about my Dutch studying. However, my teacher, Enigma, assured me that by the end of the course I would be able to speak Dutch to local people. It turns out she was right, and here is why.

    My class was composed of only four students. Therefore, everyone got full attention and sufficient time to practice. Enigma carried out all the conversation in Dutch so we would practice our listening skills even without knowing it. But, whenever we didn’t understand something, all we needed to do is ask and Enigma would then explain it in English, to make sure that we knew what we were doing. This also means that we were focused 100% on learning to use Dutch and that every minute of our class was made use of. And the course was so interesting that we didn’t feel the time passing by. At the end of every class, we had had two and a half hours of full efficiency and new knowledge.

    The content and methodology of the material is well-designed to trigger your incentive in learning Dutch. It was of course not easy at the beginning. However, with more and more words and grammar to absorb, I really wanted to learn more and more Dutch.

    During the sessions, the gap-filling and original texts of the book are reviewed and discussed and the trainer will explain everything in a well-structured way that makes you remember the vocabulary, grammar, etc. With the tasks thereafter, you can put to practice what you just learnt.

    Now that I started working in the Netherlands, I feel more confident, since I know that I can read and write in Dutch to the extent I need. My colleagues and friends are also impressed that I can speak Dutch.

    I am glad that I took the course and I appreciate what it has provided me.

    I miss learning Dutch with CoBuild and I have already planned to continue with the next level.

    Longnu FuLL.M Graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam