Improve Your Dutch by Answering Three Crucial Questions

I believe that you learn a language to use it, instead of just knowing it. However, the way that languages have been taught for decades shows quite the opposite. In this blog post with Dutch language tips, you will read the crucial questions you have to answer to Improve your Dutch.

Dutch Small Talk for Beginners: How Was Your Holiday?

As a learner of Dutch you can make much progress in little time. And when you first start learning Dutch you may actually experience that it is going faster than you had ever imagined. However, there will be moments when you feel that your learning process is stagnating. You can boost your language learning via Dutch small talk. Read our Dutch language tips and how to use Dutch small talk.

Improve your Dutch speaking skills in six key questions

Do you want to improve your Dutch speaking skills? The secret of successful language learning lies in setting clear learning objectives. Answer these six questions and read our Dutch language tips & tricks.

Accelerate Your Dutch Language Learning

Are you one of those language learners that is not easily satisfied with your progress? Do you feel that after a beginners course you still know too little to actually go out there and use Dutch? With these Dutch language tips & tricks you are able to accelerate your Dutch language learning.

Experience Real Dutch Life and Enjoy It!

Being an international student or international professional you may feel like being on a roller coaster some time. A new country, new people, new customs, a new language. You work or study, have a social life and family and friends back home. As exciting it sounds, at some point you may feel that it is all too much to cope with. Take a look at our Free Dutch Course. You will learn a lot about the Dutch language, our learning method and Dutch language tips.

Useful Dutch Phrases: ‘Heeft u een bonuskaart?’

Useful Dutch phrases help you in daily life. These Dutch language tips for shopping in the supermarket help you prepare for what you will be asked and told at the cash register. Learn to recognise them and be more responsive.