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The best thing about being a language trainer is that I can help people to develop a skill that could improve their lives in many ways! It always pleases me to see what my students can accomplish in a relatively short time. I like it even better when they themselves actually also realise this and enjoy it!

In this post I want to share several moments of joy of a few of my students in their process of learning Dutch. Probably like you, these people have gone through stages of disappointment, frustration, doubt, etc. while learning Dutch, but they managed to hang in there and seize their successes!

Diana, the plumber and the Dutch person in the street

Diana (fictional name) is the first person I would like to talk about, as she was the one who told me in our very first session about one year ago, that, even though she had already taken a Dutch course before, she did not speak any Dutch at all. Diana persisted in speaking English in class for a while, but ended up being an enthusiastic user of Dutch only a few months later.

I very clearly remember Diana coming to class one day and sharing how she and her room mates had to deal with a serious plumbing problem and a plumber who did not speaking any word of English. Being the only person in the house with some knowledge of Dutch, Diana ended up being a valuable link in solving the plumbing problem. And Diana felt proud about that!

Another time, Diana delightfully shared how she managed to show a Dutch person the way in the street. The Dutch person understood everything she said and that made Diana again feel very pleased with her Dutch proficiency!

Within less than six months Diana had changed from an insecure learner of Dutch into an enthusiastic independent user of Dutch… and she enjoyed it!

Lone and her Dutch magazine

The next moment of joy I would like to share with you is from Lone (not her real name) . Lone has been one of my better students so far, always doing the self-study, always asking questions, always actively participating in tasks and assignments. However, she never really seemed to realise the results of all her hard work. Unfortunately, Lone used Dutch too little in her daily life to experience the progress she had made in less than six months. Until that day a few months ago…

She told me that the other day when she was at the local gym waiting for her boyfriend to finish his routine, that she started to browse through a Dutch magazine. She then started reading an article that caught her eye and to her surprise she could understand very single word of it! This made her feel so great that the twinkling in her eyes was still there when she told me about it several days later. Lone had finally experienced the success of her months of hard work. Good for her!

Maria and her language exchange

Last, but certainly not least, Maria’s (again not the real name) moments of joy. She shared it with me only recently, probably not even being aware that it actually was a moment of joy. Maria has been taking Dutch Courses with CoBuild since January this year. Her progress is gradual, but somehow she is never satisfied with her accomplishments. Maria works for a Dutch company and besides some foreign colleagues, the majority of the people she works with are Dutch. Still, Maria persisted in speaking English, even after succesfully finishing two Dutch ccourses. Then, two weeks ago, she told me that she had agreed to start this language exchange thing with one of her collegues. She would help her colleague with his Spanish and he would help her with her Dutch. (Already after the first session Maria concluded that her Dutch was far better than her colleague’s Spanish!). Around the same time Maria finally asked her Dutch colleagues to start speaking Dutch with her, as she was now ready for it.

Maria has clearly waited for the right moment to put into practice what she has been learning. She decides when and how she would like to use Dutch. It was not until we talked about this, that she realised the progress she has made and how wonderful it feels. It may have taken Maria some time to use Dutch, but she is doing it, she realises it and she likes it. Way to go, Maria!

Start your own Dutch successes

You see, every learner of Dutch has his/her own pace of learning the language, but eventually every learner will start using Dutch at some point, to some extent. When they also start to experience their moments of joy, learners of Dutch really know that they have opened the way for more Dutch successes.

Not sure where to start or from which point to proceed with your Dutch? Then a FREE Dutch Mini Course might be just for you! Or contact us for more information about learning to use Dutch in a fast, fun and effective way.

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