Four Dutch phrases used to check the level of service when you are doing your shopping or calling a call centre... ánd the ways to respond to them!

At Your Service (part 2)

If you have been to several parts of the world, then you may have noticed that the level of service in the Netherlands is probably not the highest. Still, the people working in restaurants, stores and call centres in most cases try their best to serve you well. Ánd they make sure to check whether they are indeed!

In this vlog post I would like to go over four phrases that are very often used to check the level of service when you are ready to pay your stuff in a store, or when you have received your answer from a call centre agent… An d, quite importantly too, I will tell you how to respond to them:

Also find out what the waiter is saying to you when you are eating your meal in a restaurant in At Your Service (part 1).

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