CoBuild…  where ‘internationals’ learn to use Dutch!

‘Internationals’ is our general term for all expats, international professionals, highly-skilled migrants or international students in the Netherlands who would like to learn to use Dutch, so that they can get the most out of their Dutch experience. CoBuild is the place where ‘internationals’ like you can learn Dutch online ánd face-to-face altogheter. To learn Dutch online means that you can learn to use Dutch almost whenever and wherever you are. ‘Face-to-face’ learning entails that you learn Dutch in Rotterdam. With this rather unique combination of online and face-to-face language learning we have already helped many ‘internationals’ to become fluent at Dutch!

CoBuild was founded by Enigma Delgado–Waalzaam. Enigma studied English Language and Literature. Already during her studies (English Language and Literature) she started working as a trainer of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages. After a colourful palette of professional experiences Enigma decided to found CoBuild. With CoBuild she can spend her time doing what she loves to do most, teaching ‘internationals’ in the Netherlands to improve their Dutch proficiency according to her practical approach: