‘First lay a bottom?!’

‘Eerst een bo•dem•pje leg•gen!’

A suggestion to eat something substantial
before getting drunk.

We teach you how to make suggestions
and build relationships!

‘May it be a little bit more?!’

‘Mag het iets•je meer zijn?’

A polite question subtly inducing you
to buy more than you intended.

Let us show you how much extra we offer you
to improve your Dutch!




1. A thin flat cake made from flower, eggs and milk,
2. Another word for fool, idiot, twerp, weakling.

We teach you to choose the right words
in the right situations!

We are CoBuild…
where you learn to use Dutch!

We help ‘internationals’ in the Netherlands to get the most out of their Dutch experience by teaching them to use Dutch in a fast, fun and flexible way. Read more about us.

Our Dutch Courses

Fast, Fun and Flexible

Since we understand how busy your life as an ‘international’ in the Netherlands can be, we have created Dutch language courses that can be easily organised around your busy schedule. The combination of semi-intensive online and extensive face-to-face sessions offers you the flexibility of learning Dutch almost whenever and wherever it suits you. Read more about our language learning method.

NEW: FREE MeetUp Shop Dutch

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Functional Fundaments

Are you a working or studying ‘international’ looking for a way to improve your Dutch proficiency in a fast and fun way and at times that suit you best? The Functional Fundaments Dutch Courses combine the advantages of individual online learning and face-to-face group learning. After this series of group courses you can proactively deal with everyday situations in your personal and professional environment.
More about our Functional Fundaments Dutch Courses.

NEW: Framing Fluency

Information will follow soon.

Focus and Finesse

Are you already using Dutch on a daily basis? But do you want to make sure that you fully understand what your hear and read, or do you want to feel more confident about what you say or write in more specific situations? With these individual Dutch courses you can focus on perfecting your Dutch speaking, listening, reading and/or writing skills in order to become a proficient user of Dutch!
More about our Focus and Finesse Dutch Courses.


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