Our Dutch courses are practical and combine face-to-face and online learning.

Free Dutch Course

This free two-hour Dutch course is meant for you if you are fairly new to Dutch and would like to become a basic user of Dutch.

Functional Fundaments

This is a series of four Dutch group courses that help you to reach the level of Dutch at which you can proactively deal with everyday situations in your free time and in your study or work environment. The courses range from level ‘0’ (absolute beginner) to level ‘B1’ (independent user) of the Common European Framework of Reference.

NEW: Framing Fluency

Information will follow soon.

Focus and Finesse

The Focus and Finesse Dutch Courses help you to become a confident and proficient user of Dutch. These advanced individual courses provide you with an efficient, effective and motivating way to improve specific areas of your Dutch. The level of the courses is beyond level ‘B1’ of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Online and Face-to-Face

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced learner of Dutch, our aim is to teach you to use the language you need to get the most out of your Dutch experience.
Each of our courses combine aspects of blended learning and task-based learning and consist of:

  1. online sessions;
  2. face-to-face sessions;
  3. online study material.

In order for you to decide whether we can offer you the Dutch course you are looking for, we kindly invite you to contact us.